The Experimentator's Goodbye.

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The Experimentator's Goodbye. Empty The Experimentator's Goodbye.

Post by AnOldFriend on Mon Feb 20, 2012 6:04 pm

Dear friends, I have known some of you since christmas of 2009 when I joined the clan Dark Side of the Moon. One day, some of us seceded, and created the Academy of Sith Assassins. When Korriban also left and Sithlord became the clan leader, we changed the name to something I can't even remember. When I left for a while and came back, it had become a community, and the activity on the site had slowed to a crawl. I return to announce that DSotM, our parent clan, has also declined and fallen. With this, the last post made on this site was made in September. No one plays Star Wars Battlefront II online anymore, and no clans are still active.
What I come to say is this: it is over. Although I'm sure no one will see this, I just wanted to say that I will never return to this site again, and if I do it will be months from now. Our fun little clan has completely died, and it is time to let it die. I leave you with these words, friend: my time with you was one of the funnest I've ever had, and although I was leading you on to believe I was older, I am now 13.
Have an amazing life, all of you, and always remember-may the force be with you.

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The Experimentator's Goodbye. Empty Re: The Experimentator's Goodbye.

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The Experimentator's Goodbye. Pinkie_hug_by_tj_korran-d4zomzo

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The Experimentator's Goodbye. Xoqptv

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