Stripe's Basic phpBB Code Tutorial.

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Stripe's Basic phpBB Code Tutorial. Empty Stripe's Basic phpBB Code Tutorial.

Post by PowiePuffSwag on Mon Feb 21, 2011 7:27 pm

This Is Just A Basic Tutorial For phpBB Forum Codes. I Don't Call It Coding For A Reason, Anyway, phpBB Forum Code Is Read Just Like Any Other Type Of Web Design Coding Such As HTML, Javascript And Of Course PHP. HTML And Other Languages Tell The Browser How Everything Is Supposed To Look, Like The Banner Above You Right Now, It Was Told To Be Centered. With phpBB Codes, The Selected Web Design Language Has To Tell The Browser What To Do If It Processes It's Scripts And See's A Basic Bold Code
[b]This Text Is Bolded[/b]
It Will Then Execute It Into "This Text Is Bolded" That Is Bascially How We Are Able To See Our Final Product. Here Is A Source Code From This Same Page So You Can See The Selected Web Design Coding Telling The Browser What The phpBB Code Should Look Like.
<button style="color:cyan" onclick="bbfontstyle('[color=cyan]','[/color]');selectWysiwyg(this,'color');return false">Cyan</button><br /><button style="color:blue" onclick="bbfontstyle('[color=blue]','[/color]');selectWysiwyg(this,'color');return false">Blue</button>

Note:Also XHTML Cannot Be Writtin As phpBB Codes Are. If We Were To Double Up The Codes, Example:
[b][i]This Is The Same As[/i][/b]
Which Would Be False In HTML.

phpBB Was Created To Keep The Forums Safe From HTML And CSS "Injections" Which Are Codes That Can Potentially Alter Anything On That Same Web Server.

phpBB Allows Us To Use A Scroll Marquee Like So:
Code Used:

Code Used:
[hide]Besides Admins And Moderators, You Will Not Be Able To See This Until You Post.[/hide]

[hl=yellow]Yellow Highlighted Text[/hl]
Code Used:
[hl=yellow]Yellow Highlighted Text[/hl]

(Unfinished Tutorial.)

---Crimson Gaming---

Stripe's Basic phpBB Code Tutorial. Powiepuffsig
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