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Post by {=CG=}ImaCripple on Tue Apr 05, 2011 7:45 pm

The Terrorist Bunnies Take Over the Wonka Factory

****Before you read, I'd like to tell you I have no writing talent at all.******
I wrote this back in like 7th grade, but Idk I thought I'd try and spark some convo.

A long time ago in a cave in Afghanistan, a baby Bunny was born. This babies name was Osama Bin bunny. Growing up, his best friend was Hussein Bunny. Osama and Hussein were very bad bunnies. They would destroy houses by throwing giant carrots at them. When they were 18 they formed the Carrot Qaeda. Shortly after the Carrot Qaeda was formed Jihad Bunny joined. The three of them were a dangerous trio.

One day, Jihad was hungry. Osama told him to eat a carrot, but Jihad didn’t want a carrot. He wanted something sweet, but what? Then Hussein said that he should have a chocolate bar. Jihad thought that would be good, but it would be amazing if he had 1 million chocolate bars. But he didn’t know where to get them. They thought.....and thought.....and thought. Then they got it, they would take over the Wonka Factory.

They went into the town the Wonka Factory is in, and went to a restaurant to make up their plans. Their plan was simple. Bomb the front door, then throw all the oompa loompas in the chocolate waterfall. Then take Willy Wonka and Charlie to use them as hostage in case the police come. Their plan was genius. But they accidentally left their plans wrapped up in a carrot at the restaurant. A oompa loompa on his lunch break went into the restaurant, found the plans, and gave them to Willy Wonka.

The Carrot Qaeda knew they left their plans, but they knew what to do. They took their C4rrot bombs, and blew open the front door of the Wonka Factory. They rushed in, only to find an army of 70 oompa loompas. Jihad wasn’t afraid, he ran into the army, screaming “Praise the carrot god”, but he was quickly grabbed and threw into the chocolate waterfall. During that, Osama and Hussein ran away.

They came up to the bubble gum section of the factory. But they both knew how the movie went, so they didn’t have any gum. Out of no where Charlie jumped out. Hussein grabbed a C4rrot bomb and ran into attack Charlie screaming “Praise the Carrot God”. But Charlie grabbed the bomb, swallowed it, grabbed Hussein, and force fed him blueberry bubble gum until he turned into a giant blueberry. Meanwhile, Osama ran away.

Osama found his way to the squirrel part of the factory. Osama didn’t want to die, so he acted like a squirrel, breaking nuts and other squirrel like stuff. But before he could blink, he was quickly grabbed by Willy Wonka. Willy Wonka took all of his carrots, removed his turban and put him to work in the factory.

Osama got very good at working at the factory. He got promoted to delivering candy. He is no longer known by the name Osama now. Everyone in the world knows him. He is the Easter bunny. The Easter bunny is still alive today, delivering candy to you, confidently, joyfully, and happily.

---Crimson Gaming---

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